Monthly Archives: December 2009

Why you can’t be painting by numbers 1

So you’ve read through the vast collection of process, project, operations “best practice” literature out there, from the deceptively lucid “Getting Real” via the various incarnations of the Agile/Lean movement – so pregnant with promise, to the more demanding and grown up PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2 frameworks. Good for you! You’ve done your homework. I […]


Stay on target – Goals vs. Objectives

Strangely, I’ve come across quite a few intelligent people in my day who demonstrated apparent problems understanding the difference between Goals and Objectives. As a result I’ve been known to find myself in discussions where Mr. Confusion and Mrs. Frustration joined in. So here’s a breakdown for you. Remember Star Wars? Of course you do. […]


Introducing the DONFI 1

There are plenty of acronyms floating around and since we all love them dearly we need to add to this flora. I’d like to share with you a method that has been known to work for us. It’s our own invention: The DONFI, the Day Of No Fu**ing Interruptions. Here’s the deal: You need input […]