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The Rules change – the Game stays the same, part II

In an earlier post I talked about how “the good Internet” makes us all better off, but tried to remind you all that the end game for the companies remain the same: higher profits. Don’t be fooled. It’s not niceness. And that’s fine, just keep this in mind OK? We can spot the same misconception […]

Carrot & Stick. Photo by: Bruce Thomson

The Rules change – the Game stays the same, part I 4

The online revolution, if we must sound pompous and call it that, has brought about a lot of good. Great new values have been underlined and emphasized. Values such as openness, collaboration, sharing, and transparency. This has manifested itself in various ways such as Google’s much heckled “don’t be evil”-motto, the Wikipedia “assumption of good […]

Photo by: Esther Dyson

Everything you think you know is wrong, part VI – the grand final 3

Everything you think you know is wrong…I know it sounds harsh – condescending even, well it’s not. At least it’s not meant to be. You see, I have no problem admitting that everything that I think I know is wrong too. It’s not a question of right and wrong, it’s not a question of “truth” […]

Photo by: Kathy McEldowney

The useless coin toss: Early adaptor – Early rejector 2

We all know about the early adaptors, you know, the people who jump on new trends almost instantly. Apparently the term was originally coined by Everett M. Rogers in his book Diffusion of Innovations from 1962. Other people have built on the idea including such notables as Moore in his book Crossing the Chasm and […]

Illustration by Luke Siemens.

Predicting the future is dabbling with the black arts 3

I’m sorry, but we need to talk about predictions, risks, probability and estimations, and I will expound on the subject in a few posts here. But first, let me try to convey how sensitive I am when it comes to this. Make no mistake, people who pretend that they can predict the future make my […]

Photo by Sean McGrath