Monthly Archives: February 2014

Let’s talk about Waste

This is a follow up on a previous post where I talked a bit about how the way our work works is inspired by Lean principles. In this post we shall look into the concept of “Muda” i.e “Waste” and how we address this in our shop. Ten sources of waste: 1. Extra features What […]

Why the design of meetings matter 1

There are some meetings that exist to coordinate efforts and information. Other meetings live to make decisions. A third meeting might be of an explorative nature. Then there’s the sad little meeting, who is so confused and lonely. The meeting that is all, or none, of the above. There’s a lot to be said about […]

A few words on Change 1

Einstein is reported to have said that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. I like that quote in relation to change. In the spirit of the old genius, let’s explore which core, basic ingredients we need in order to bake a change-cake. I’d say we need: A shared understanding of […]