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Not Even Wrong – Reality Check II 5

June 2014 Stockholm, Café Italiano I heard from a former colleague that he uses the Holistic Product Dashboard at his new workplace in Nairobi, Kenya. This excited me, so I decided to ask him a few quick questions. Here goes: So I understand that you use the Holistic Product Dashboard in your organisation. This makes me […]

Not Even Wrong: Our current state – Model II expanded 6

June 2014 Stockholm, on a couch @ AgileSweden Simplicity is complexity rescued – Constantin Brancusi So I’d like to expand the model I presented last time I wrote. If you review the image you’ll see that I’ve added colored borders surrounding the “fields”. They signify that the fields represent Sociocratic circles. I will get deeper […]

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 14.44.01