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Ask someone who knows: André Hedetoft

Filmmaker André Hedetoft could switch careers right this instant and launch a promising business as a marketing consultant. The marketing and personal branding strategy of André Hedetoft and his project “Extraordinaries!” reads like a manual on how to fund, promote and market products in the year 2010. André makes use of several of the most […]

Branding - in every sense of the word

Ask someone who knows: Anders Lindqvist

Those of us who take an interest in cross-cultural learning, and who holds an interest in leading-, coaching- and managing operations- and people in a cross cultural context, should of course jump at any chance to add some applicable cross-cultural skills and understanding to our repertoire. For this reason we turn to Anders Lindqvist, former […]

Anders Lindqvist

Ask someone who knows: Johanna Olsson

I thought I’d step it up a bit and enlighten you all further by inviting interesting people, who have interesting things to say, into these pages. My first interview is with Johanna Olsson from BoostHbg, who does inspiring work arranging Cross Media Labs. The Labs are best described as cross discipline creative workshops. First, in […]

Johanna Olsson of BoostHbg