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A few notes from AgileHR Sweden 1

Yesterday I attended the Agile HR Sweden conference here in Stockholm.  The overarching theme for the conference, arranged by Green Bullet Solutions , was “How can we together create better and more agile organizations”. The conference featured well renowned speakers such as Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0 and How to change the world, and Bjarte Bogsnes, author […]

A few words on Decision Rules 1

Consider a prioritization meeting where we attempt to agree upon what is most valuable for us to focus on next. Using our agreed upon criteria we choose Value A. At this point someone comes along and champions Value B based on the following reasoning:  “I sort of promised that to Mr. Very Important Customer”.   […]

This week #2 in digital music

Scandinavian Newspaper giant Schibsted to acquire streaming service Aspiro Streaming service Aspiro (WiMP) is to be acquired by Scandinavian news publisher Schibsted, reports paidContent . The price tag is said to be around $50 million, and the purpose of the acquisition is, writes paidContent to “compete with Spotify on the global stage”. Schibsted, a newspaper […]

“Let’s keep the music special, fuck Spotify”

Stream Wars have flared up again and the world of digital music is in turmoil. The recent round of streaming-bashing originated in a study by NPD group and NARM. Words were harsh “Spotify is detrimental to music purchasing”, the study says. In the words of the researchers, the new digital music climate makes it easier for consumers […]

This week in digital music

Major Label Licensing Will Kill Your Startup The free spoken Michael Robertson did not mince his words when he appeared at the SF MusicTech Summit this week. Robertson, who founded MP3tunes, made his feelings about music startups and the major labels clear. He basically told the assembled crowd to avoid major label licensing or die […]

This week in digital music

Google Magnifier to boost music discovery This week Google not only acquired Motorola Mobility, they also launched a new music blog service named “Magnifier”. The service, which is described as “Google Music’s cousin”, makes music recommendations to users and offers daily free downloads. The downloads will be made available in the users cloud library . […]

This week in digital music

Spotify closing in on the US It seems that a Spotify US release is imminent. For real this time. Multiple sources report that Spotify has signed a deal with Universal. Sony Music and EMI are both already onboard, and so only Warner remain and they too are rumoured to be close. Worth keeping in mind […]