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A few words on Decision Rules 1

Consider a prioritization meeting where we attempt to agree upon what is most valuable for us to focus on next. Using our agreed upon criteria we choose Value A. At this point someone comes along and champions Value B based on the following reasoning:  “I sort of promised that to Mr. Very Important Customer”.   […]

Lean – a word with momentum

  The field of Interaction Design has (rather) recently started to approach the Lean way of thinking, in the shape of a methodology called LeanUx. I welcome this, and it prompted me to write down a few words on the “expansion” of Lean into other areas. As readers of this blog probably know, I find […]

Misunderstanding the good enough revolution 7

I attended a (very good) conference this week, and a debate sprang to life regarding “the good enough revolution”. Critical voices were heard. I felt that there were a few misunderstandings circulating in the debate, possibly due to the mix of marketing people and software people. They don’t necessarily read the same books, or live […]


Ask someone who knows: Anders Lindqvist

Those of us who take an interest in cross-cultural learning, and who holds an interest in leading-, coaching- and managing operations- and people in a cross cultural context, should of course jump at any chance to add some applicable cross-cultural skills and understanding to our repertoire. For this reason we turn to Anders Lindqvist, former […]

Anders Lindqvist

Self organizing teams and the commander’s intent

When I research different approaches to leadership and organization I feel very drawn to professions where the wanted outcome is not cash, as in the world of business, but saved lives. While business people play around with other peoples’ money, there’s real people out there, getting real work done. Work that matters. For this reason […]


The Rules change – the Game stays the same, part II

In an earlier post I talked about how “the good Internet” makes us all better off, but tried to remind you all that the end game for the companies remain the same: higher profits. Don’t be fooled. It’s not niceness. And that’s fine, just keep this in mind OK? We can spot the same misconception […]

Carrot & Stick. Photo by: Bruce Thomson

Why you can’t be painting by numbers 1

So you’ve read through the vast collection of process, project, operations “best practice” literature out there, from the deceptively lucid “Getting Real” via the various incarnations of the Agile/Lean movement – so pregnant with promise, to the more demanding and grown up PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2 frameworks. Good for you! You’ve done your homework. I […]