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Leaders at work

Leaders at work

Recently, I had the great opportunity to help with some mentoring and coaching for aspiring leaders at Hyper Island. The students in question find themselves in Team Lead roles, and we spent two nights discussing their concerns, challenges, questions and ideas concerning leadership, team work, concept development and production. And so yesterday, I headed of to teach Iterative Process to future production managers at Berghs School of Communication. Interestingly, when these young talents from the two schools were invited to create their own agenda, the things that were on their minds were strikingly similar.

Here’s a selection of the topics that came up:

  • Tips on how to act to make the group feel that you are helping, not “bossing”?
  • How to perceive potential in people so that we can guide them?
  • How to deal with demotivation in a group?
  • What happens if the leader gets demotivated?
  • How to make everyone motivated and on track?
  • How can we make sure that everyone is “in” the project, not feeling left out?
  • How can we find the balance between taking space and being a leader?
  • As a “passive” leader, how do you know when to step in?
  • How to lead when there’s a more experienced person in the room?
  • How do you know when to intervene and when to just let it flow?
  • How and when do we say stop, when the group goes off topic?
  • Starting guide – what to do on day one?
  • What roles could there be, and how do they change?
  • How to structure a group that doesn’t like structure?
  • How to balance leading with actually doing stuff and not getting the administrator role?
  • Different team members need different types of leadership – how to come to a middle ground?
  • The importance of an outspoken leader?
  • What tone to have towards a stressed or unfocused group?

It just goes to show, it’s pretty much all about the people.


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