Back to work


The road ahead - me hiking in Iceland.

After some well deserved R&R – this blog is back. While I was struggling to enjoy some time off – Spotify finally managed to go live in the US, execute a successful marketing campaign (as usual) and then they went and got slapped with their first law suit for patent infringement. The law suit is ridiculous of course, but welcome to America.

Also in the news, Chinese search giant Baidu (dominating 75 per cent of the Chinese Search market) signed some papers with major music labels. The idea is that searches for song titles on Baidu will lead to legal alternatives instead of the many, many, many illegal copies out there. Apparently Baidu will pay the record companies per listen (if streaming) or per download. It seems there are still quite a few illegal versions popping up in the SERP though. But it’s an interesting development none the less.

One of the best parts about coming back to work is planning the road ahead.

Here’s what’s on for me so far:

August 19-28 – Various stuff – Malmö
September 7-9 – PopKomm – Berlin
Sept 22-24 – EuroIAVII – Prague
October 10-12 – You are in control – Reykjavik
October 13-16 – Iceland Airwaves – Reykjavik (Get a Spotify playlist here)

I hope to add more travels and events soon – and I hope to see you out there.

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