Stuff that I found Interesting week 43

Photo by: Sean Rogers

Rumors on Spotify Sell Out denied

Spotify’s reaction to the Apple rumor:  “We have absolutely no intention of selling Spotify. We’re working hard to build the best music service we can and are in this for the long haul”. Interesting, to say the least.

Facebook To Adopt New PayPal Micropayment Service

PayPal is really on the move these days. A fine development in many ways, but we are getting closer to a monopoly situation which can be harmful in the long run.

Ustream to Roll Out Pay-Per-View and Ad-Free Options

This will allow anyone broadcasting via Ustream to charge viewers for content. Can this finally shake things up, and perhaps increase quality of user generated video content? Powered by? You guessed it: PayPal.

Cashie Rings Up PayPal API To Offer Checkout Platform For Publishers

And PayPal again. Can you see a pattern forming? The PayPal X Developer Platform marches on.

Zynga Tries To Patent In-Game Virtual Currency

Pure madness. But  then again, I believe Facebook has patented location based services. Will. This. Never. End. (by the way, PayPal is in on this as well)

BPI launches Innovation Panel to work with digital music services

“I am determined that the BPI should do everything it can to help digital services reach their potential and provide the most compelling experience possible for music fans,” says chief executive Geoff Taylor. Way to go! But where are the Swedish initiatives in this direction?

Procter & Gamble Launches Widget To Convert Clicks into Water

The participants have already donated more than 20,000 days of water. One more example of what can be achieved in this brave new world.

YouTube’s Musicians Wanted Program Goes Global

“The Musicians Wanted program allows up-and-coming musicians to apply to become partners of the video-sharing site, thereby reaping the benefits of advertising and exposure”. I like it. The giants can afford to extend a helping hand to creators and artists everywhere.

The future of credit cards

“We are just scratching the surface with what these cards can do with these initial products… We are trying to be the innovation arm of an industry that has never had one”. True that! The innovation in this area comes from other parts of the industry, such as described below:

Mobile Credit Card Reader Square Now Open for Business

I just like the idea of accepting payments on the go. For instance, a merchandize stand in relation to a live gig can probably up their sales using Square.

Amazon Will Soon Allow Kindle Users To Lend E-Books

The Amazon Kindle will soon be updated to allow users to lend books to friends and family. This is a step in the right direction, emulating how printed books are used. As always, sharing is caring.

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