Stuff that I found interesting week 44

Photo by: Joe Holmes.

Rumors say MySpace will be killed soon

MySpace has a relaunch coming up. But will this help? Observers say no. I for one truly think that MySpace is doomed. Should someone purchase this train wreck, they would need to rebuild so much of the damn thing that not much of the old MySpace would be left in the new MySpace.

Spotify On Track To Pay Labels $60 Million In 2010

The Spotify saga continues – here an article that observes the obvious in the end note: ”no one is offering details as to how any label windfall might be shared with the people who make the music that Spotify is paying for”. This question is often forgotten in discussions re: Spotify.

Spotify to hire Apple executive

Spotify has hired Öjje Holt , former iTunes head of retail as their new Nordic CEO. Before joining Apple, Holt spent nine years as the top xbox executive in Sweden. Apparently focus will be on online to offline commerce, which

EA Signs Five Year Deal With Facebook To Use Credits

Electronic Arts announced this week that they have entered into a five-year strategic relationship with Facebook. Facebook Credits will become the exclusive payment method in EA games on Facebook. The deal is a 70-30 percent revenue share for Facebook Credits, according to a release. I find it fascinating that these companies lock themselves in a deal stretching for five whole years. In this world, five years is an eternity.

Flattr Starts To Monetise Its Like Button For Content

Flattr announced that they now have 46,056 registered users with over €114,057 ($158,438) of “flattrs” passing through the system. I wonder if this means that Flattr can finally pick up speed and momentum and move beyond the group of early converts.

What We Can Learn From The Paywalls

This is a link to a blogpost from the always brilliant Baekdal. With great clarity he shines a light on the patterns forming with regards to paywalls.

”It’s like inviting people to a party, and then when they have been there for a while, tell them they have to pay $50 for the drinks. Most people would leave, but a few will always stick around”.

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