Introducing the DONFI 1

There are plenty of acronyms floating around and since we all love them dearly we need to add to this flora. I’d like to share with you a method that has been known to work for us. It’s our own invention: The DONFI, the Day Of No Fu**ing Interruptions.

Here’s the deal: You need input from the developers to solve your own problems, plan ahead and keep on top of things? Marketing have questions in regards to how to solve this or that? The designers need feedback on their stuff from the developers? And since you are good at what you do, you encourage short and fast feedback cycles. It’s called working together. Good clean fun.

Well, developers are problem solvers, and they have a need to explore threads that may not necessarily be the fast track towards solving the problem at hand. They need the time to explore and just immerse themselves in their work. For this reason we have introduced the concept of DONFI, where everyone is allowed to just mind their own fu**ing business for a day, or maybe even five work days (then it’s a WONFI).

Agile processes push for a lot of dialog in all directions, and that’s just great, but there is a flip side. The DONFI gives everyone a chance to actually get some work done.

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