So, what is all this, you ask. Well, I started playing my guitar when I was about 15. Got together with some fine friends and musicians and started jamming. Played some gigs and released a record in 2003 with my band Mary and the Saints.
It didn’t really sell now did it?
After a while people got older and wanted to do something serious with their lives. While I wait for a similar urge to develop in me, I just keep on strumming.
Each year that passes I think that THIS will be the year that I finish my solo album. Time is in short supply though…but I’ll get to it.

Some people said nice things about the debut:

“Att en debutplatta med ett svenskt band kan vara så här bra är ett mysterium.” – Mettica

“…det finns något fint och ytterst tilltalande i det här bandet. Waiting for the sun och Touching life kan mycket väl vara det bästa som ges ut i Sverige i år” – Joyzine

“Jag blir överlycklig när jag hör Mary and the Saints.” – Musiklandet

“Låtskrivaren Thomas Lindqvist är något storartat på spåren.” – Trelleborgs Allehanda.

“…what Mary And The Saints do, they do very well, that is, a modern, contemporary update on a traditional form.” – Alternative Rock Review