Not Even Wrong – Reality Check II 5

June 2014
Stockholm, Café Italiano

I heard from a former colleague that he uses the Holistic Product Dashboard at his new workplace in Nairobi, Kenya. This excited me, so I decided to ask him a few quick questions.

Here goes:

So I understand that you use the Holistic Product Dashboard in your organisation. This makes me happy. Can you tell us a little bit about what needs of yours that the model meets?

The model helps us thinking in terms of defining what really drives us towards our vision and prioritize our most important value that will help us get there. It therefore helps us sort and prioritize and clean up the list of things we think we should get done.

How did/do you use the model, and what was the result?

We started out by actually thinking about our vision, to see if we could still agree with it. Once we decided on that we started to define our enablers and our vision pillars. 

The vision pillars have been the hardest to define and it has been a good exercise to really think about what is necessary for us to reach our vision. 

We then used the vision pillars to sort all of the ideas that the team already had (and there were many) into the different pillars. It was then quite easy to scrap many of the ideas and prioritize the ones that could stay. 

We then use the “filled out” model when the time comes for us to take on something new and pull the theme that makes most sense right now.

Cool, huh? I like the idea of people in Kenya using the model. It makes me smile.

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