Good post re: how work will work in the future of the communication industry

I recently found myself sitting in a panel discussion at Berghs School of Communication here in Stockholm. We touched upon a number of subjects, such as process- and group development and how the advertising/communication industry is transforming. The audience consisted of students who wanted to get a grasp of what sort of skills they need […]

Not Even Wrong – Thoughts on the organization as family metaphor 11

November 2014 Stockholm If you find yourself in an organization that subscribes to the “organization-as-family” metaphor, you might consider yourself rather lucky. The majority of organizations around the world have not yet reached such an “advanced” evolutionary level. So says the research. An yet, even if the “family” metaphor is evidence of “better” than what […]

Not Even Wrong – The Soulless Professional 9

October 2014 Stockholm – @ Valtech office There are things that will awaken the warrior in me and spur me to take up arms and go to war. And break things. There are times when I want to tell people that they suck harder than a collapsing star. This happens when people I care about […]

Not Even Wrong – Wheelan, Integral Theory and the evolution of organizations

October 2014 Stockholm – Papas Deli Perhaps you have, quite like me, felt the frustration of observing group behavior through the lens of the IMGD model of Susan Wheelan. How does one go about establishing which phase a group is in, when the group does not have a voice, but consist rather of a multitude of voices, […]

Not Even Wrong – Thoughts on levels of abstraction

October 2014 London – The Hoxton I have at times been accused of “being too logical” in my thinking, not allowing for other world views than the logical one. I can understand why such accusations exist, yet I am not entirely sure that those who claim that my disposition lean too much towards logic quite […]

Not Even Wrong – Initial thoughts on strategy 2

July 2014 Stockholm @ the office It’s been an interesting summer of reading. I was on holiday after all, so I gave myself a long leash and permitted my mind to wander. I ended up investigating my hunch that the way organizations think about strategy can have a profound impact on how they think about […]

Not Even Wrong – Reality Check III 8

July 2014 Stockholm, @ the office I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou I thought I’d talk for a while about how our product development process relates to learning and continuous improvement. Before we move […]

Not Even Wrong – Reality Check II 5

June 2014 Stockholm, Café Italiano I heard from a former colleague that he uses the Holistic Product Dashboard at his new workplace in Nairobi, Kenya. This excited me, so I decided to ask him a few quick questions. Here goes: So I understand that you use the Holistic Product Dashboard in your organisation. This makes me […]

Not Even Wrong – The Holistic Product Dashboard 8

June 2014 Stockholm, Papas Deli One of the most important insights of the new systems theory is that life and cognition are inseparable. The process of knowledge is also the process of self-organization, that is, the process of life. – Fritjof Capra Yes, it’s yet another model. I must confess that I revert to blogging […]

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Not Even Wrong – A few words on speed “from signal to cash” 7

June 2014 Stockholm I thought I’d make a stab at further explaining the top field in the model I’m currently working on, and perhaps better convey why I believe this to be important. On a very general level, this is my current best attempt towards: a way for finding and framing our most important questions, […]

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Not Even Wrong: Our current state – Model II expanded 6

June 2014 Stockholm, on a couch @ AgileSweden Simplicity is complexity rescued – Constantin Brancusi So I’d like to expand the model I presented last time I wrote. If you review the image you’ll see that I’ve added colored borders surrounding the “fields”. They signify that the fields represent Sociocratic circles. I will get deeper […]

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Not Even Wrong: A few words on yet another model 5

June 2014 Scandic Malmen, Stockholm Mind precedes all mental states – Dhammapada After roughly completing the “why a book” part where I tried to explain on a rudimentary level the why’s and how’s of this project, I now find myself staring rather blankly at a veritable mountain of unwritten words. I feel like how I […]

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Not Even Wrong – Minimum Viable Understanding and IF this THEN what? 8

May 2014 Rio de Janeiro, Pestana Rio Atlantica Belief in truth begin with doubts of all truths in which one has previously believed – Nietzsche  What is it that I want you, the reader, to take away from each chapter? I have given this matter some serious thought (no actually, I’m making this up as […]