Good post re: how work will work in the future of the communication industry

I recently found myself sitting in a panel discussion at Berghs School of Communication here in Stockholm. We touched upon a number of subjects, such as process- and group development and how the advertising/communication industry is transforming. The audience consisted of students who wanted to get a grasp of what sort of skills they need to develop in order to make it in the future.

I got a question from a member of the audience regarding wether my role (let’s call it team coach) exist (or will exist) in the emerging future of the advertising/communication industry. I replied that I most certainly think so. And that the development that we have seen now for a while, where the boundaries between communication and product- and service development are becoming increasingly fuzzy – will make the need for such approaches increasingly apparent.

In light of that, I’d like to direct your attention towards a blog post that I think perfectly captures the direction we’re heading in.

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